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    Coxicare is very much suitable to prevent and control coccidiosis in Broilers, Layers and Breeders.

    Coccidiosis causes severe mortality, decreased  production, and increased medication and labour costs in poultry industry.

    Coccidiosis is mainly observed in rainy season especially at the time of onset of monsoon.

    Coxicare which effectively kills the coccidial organisms both of intestinal & caecal origin to restrict further

    Spread coxicare acts comprehensively and completely control all coccidian and

    intracellular developmental stages and all resistant strains.

    Composition :

    Amprolium Hydrochloride  200mg

    Vitamin K3 – 10mg


    For mild outbreaks

    30gm in 50 ltr

    For usual out breaks:

    30gm in 25 ltr

    For several outbreaks:

    60gm in 25 ltr

     Packing: 100 g pouches

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