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  • This is designed for female breeders. The feeder is suspended.

    The gap between grills prevents Male birds from eating from this feeder.

    Adjustable grill can be provided.

    Capacity per feeder: 12 Female Breeders.

    Feed capacity: Up to 2.5 kg.

    Usage: From feed restriction day to maturity.

    Diameter: 410 mm.

    Ex-factory: Nashik (Maharashtra)

    347.00 +Tax
  • Attractive colour and shape used for broilers from 15 days to lifting. Water level can easily be adjusted by valve mechanism. No swinging due to ballast tank. Contineous clean water supply.

    Best Quality Product.

    Capacity : 50 Broiler or 50 Breeders

    Diameter : 340 mm

    Trough : 55 mm

    Height : 282 mm

    Water level in trough : 10 to 20 mm

    Ex-factory-Nashik (Maharashtra)

    333.00 +Tax
  • Automatically Water level is adjusted. Maintenance free. Litter remains dry. Constant flow of fresh water due to spring mechanism

    Heavy Ballast tank, hence no swinging.

    Capacity : 50 Broilers

    Diameter : 365 mm

    Trough : 36 mm

    Water level in trough : 10 to 20 mm

    Ex-factory: Nashik ( Maharashtra)

    326.00 +Tax
  • Perfectly suitable from New Born Chicks in deep litter till 15 days. Translucent material is used.

    Best suitable for 50 chicks

    High Quality Material. Best Quality.

    Capacity : 50 Chicks

    Diameter : 225 mm

    Height : 238 mm

    Volume : 3 Ltr

    Trough : 38 mm

    Ex-factory: Nashik (Maharashtra)

    89.00117.00 +Tax
    Product Type : With stand - Without Stand
  • This is the best answer for grown broilers.

    It can be used from day 15 to maturity.

    The feeder has three feed level adjustments. Adjustable flow of feed from the cone. The grill prevents chicks to get into the pan.

    Cone extension prevents from feed wastage while putting the feed.

    Capacity per Feeder: 50 Broilers

    Feed capacity: 8 kg

    Usage: From day 15 to maturity

    Trough: 54 mm

    Pan Height :71 mm

    Diameter: 340 mm

    Ex-factory: Nashik (Maharashtra)

    291.00 +Tax
  • Best solution for breeders drinkers are used for breeders from 15 to 45 days. Avoides spillage of water results in dry litter. Level of water can easily be adjusted by valve mechanism.

    Capacity 50 Breeders

    Diameter 365 mm

    Trough 40 mm

    Height 375 mm

    Water level in trough 10 to 20 mm

    Ex-factory: Nashik (Maharashtra)

    336.00 +Tax
  • Best Suitable for Grown Broilers. It might be filled with 12kg of feed. Bigger diameter allows more birds to get access to feed. As the volume is bigger, it allows to put feed less amount of times, thus saving labour. Jumbo feeder doesn’t have a grill but has a lip which prevents the feed wastage.

    Capacity per feeder: 50 Broilers

    Feed capacity: 12 kg

    Usage: From day 15 to maturity

    Trough: 79 mm

    Pan height: 78 mm

    Diameter: 410 mm

    Ex-factory: Nashik (Maharashtra)

    347.00 +Tax
  • Male Parent Feeder with stand

    A Special feeder is fitted in stand height of which can be adjusted. These feeders used in slatted floor or Platforms.

    Capacity per feeder: 8 Male Breeders

    Feed capacity: 2.5 kg

    Usage: From feed restriction day to maturity

    Diameter: 410 mm

    Ex-factory: Nashik (Maharashtra)

    504.00 +Tax
  • FOGGER M4 (Yellow)

    FOGGER M8 (Red)

    Specially designed to cool down the temperature by 7° to 8° inside the house. Water is sprayed in the form of very fine mist, some of which evaporates by the time it reaches the ground in process absorbing the heat in the atmosphere, and the balance is effective in surface cooling of birds.

    Ex-factory: Nashik (Maharashtra)

    63.00 +Tax
  • This is the best solution for fresh air circulation in the poultry. This fan is designed with stand which is at a specific height which gives the perfect air circulation inside the poultry house.

    Wire rope is also available to hang the fan. Hanging saves the space.                                                                                                                                     Note: Stand and Rope are not included in the FAN price. You can buy stand separately.

    Fan capacity: 6761 CFM (cubic Feet/ Minute).

    No of Blades: 3 (plastic blades)

    Requirements: 0.5 HP motor

    Ex-factory: Nashik (Maharashtra)

    2,280.007,700.00 +Tax
    Product Type : 1 Phase - 3 Phase - BLADES - STAND
  • Poultry Transport Cages

    These transportation cages has designed to broiler and breeder grown birds. They accommodate very easily in the cages as It has special rigid design. The material used is plastic it reduces the bird’s weight shrinkage which ultimately reduces the leg stress and leg injury.

    Top door helps in easy loading of birds.

    • No leg and beak injuries;
    • Excellent ventilation;
    • Hygienic – Easy to clean by water or steam;
    • Minimum bird weight shrinkage in transportation;
    • Firmly stackable;
    • High stability and secure stacking and locking;
    • Simple push fit self-locking assembly;
    • Perforated floor

    Capacity: 12-14 broilers / 2 kg each

    Ex-factory: Nashik (Maharashtra)

    1,439.001,701.00 +Tax
  • These specially designed for transportation of chicks as it is very important to handle the day old chick with care or mortality rate is high.

    This specially designed container, moulded from high quality polypropylene. Unrestricted cross ventilation, even in the partition which is making 4 compartments.

    Measurements         CM                               Inches

    4 compartment        67 x 50 x 14.5        26.4 x 19.7 x 5.7

    Stacked (10 boxes)  67 x 50 x 120         26.4 x 19.7 x 47.2

    Nested (10 boxes)   67 x 50 x 52            26.4 x 19.7 x 20.5

    Capacity: 80-100 birds

    Ex-factory: Nashik (Maharashtra)

    404.00577.00 +Tax
    Product Type : With Lid - WITHOUT LID
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