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  • Prices are Ex-factory Jharkhand

    Colistin has a strong and rapid bactericidal action against gram-negative bacteria viz. E.coli, Salmonella, etc

    Colistin is strictly limited to the intestinal tract, thus being the first choice in all cases of

    intestinal infections caused by gram-negative bacteria.


    1.5-3 gm per 10 litres of  drinking water for 3-5 day

    Indications :

    To check and prevent Colibacillosis & Salmonellosis

    • To reduce bacterial diarrhoea
    • Enhances growth
    • Improves FCR
    • Antipyretic action as it neutralises E.coli endotoxin
    • No resistant strain of E.coli to Colistin has been reported
    • Colistin acts synergistically with other antibiotics

    Composition :

    Each gram contains:

    Colistin (As sulphate) – 100mg

    Vitamin A- 100 IU

    Vitamin D3-  20 IU

    Vitamin B6- 5mg

    Folic Acid-1 mg


    Packing: 100 Gram  Pouch

  • Prices are per 200 Grms

    Ex-factory Jharkhand

    E-PLUS containing Vitamin E and selenium acts in synergy to effectively protect, maintain and boost immunity always

    1.To maintain optimum fertility and hatchability in breeder flock

    2.To reduce incidence of ascites and sudden death syndrome in broilers

    3.To overcome leg weakness in broilers

    4.To maintain optimum productivity in layers

    5.To reduce mortality due to stress and other factors

    6.To ensure faster recovery from disease


    Chicks, Growers, Breeders & Layers:

    Broilers: 5 gram per 50 birds

    Packing: 200 Grm

  • Prices are Ex-factory Jharkhand


    Improve respiration & air passage

    Reduces risk of stress, inflammation and pain

    Maintain respiratory system during the changing weather

    Reduces the negative effect and stress due to live vaccination

    Relieving cough during CRD, Improve lungs function Act as Mucolytic ,Antilallergic

    Packing: 450 ML & 5 Ltr


    Chicks:    05-10ml / 100birds / Day

    Growers: 20-30ml / 100birds / Day

    Broilers : 20-30ml / 100 birds /Day

    Product Type : 450 ML - 5 LTR
  • Prices are Ex-factory Jharkhand


    Product Type : 1 Litre - 5 LITRE
  • Prices are Ex-factory Jharkhand

    Composition: Tricholine citrate, Choline Chloride, Methionine,Liver Extract Inositol,Protein Hydrolysate

    Liquid :Tonic of Liver extract


    For 100 birds (5 to 7 days):

    Chicks : 5 ml

    Growers: 15 ml

    Layers: 20-25 ml

    Broilers: 20-30 ml

    Presentation:  1 Litre, 5 Litre

    Product Type : 1 Litre - 5 LITRE
  • Prices are Ex-factory Jharkhand


    1st and 2 and week 0.5 ml/ litre of water in continuous water .

    3rd week onwards – 0.5 ml/litre of water for 6 – 8 hrs a day.

    Layers & Breeders:

    2 to 3 days per week – 0.5 ml/litre of water in continuous water.

    Broilers,Layers & Breeders:

    1 ml/litre in continuous water for 5 – 7 days at time of disease conditions.

    Or As recommended by the Veterinarian.

    Presentation: 1 litre  &  5 litre

    Product Type : 1 Litre - 5 LITRE
  • Prices are Ex-factory Jharkhand

    Indications / Benefits :

    • Prevents production failure related to nutritional deficiencies

    • Improves size, production and quality of eggs

    • Improves fertility, hatchability- Female breeder

    • Improves semen quality- Male breeder

    • Improves carcass quality

    • Reduces mortality

    • Compensates for loss of nutrients


    • Chicks : 5 ml per liter of water

    • Broilers : 15 ml per liter of water

    • Breeders & Layers :20 ml per liter of water

    Presentation : 1 Litre & 5 Litre

    Product Type : 1 Litre - 5 LITRE
  • Prices are Ex-factory Jharkhand


    Each gram contains :

    Vitamin B2

    Vitamin B6


    100 mg




  • Prices are Ex-factory Jharkhand

    Indication : Prevent early chicks  mortality for Infections of E-Coli & salmonellosis streptooci & Mixed Bacterial infections For Whitish Diarhea Caused GUMBORO mycoplasma infections(CRD) infection coryza

    Indications :

    1. Whitish Diarhea

    2. E-COLI

    Packing: 100 Gram & 250 Gram

  • Prices are Ex-factory Jharkhand

    Ultimate  control for  Diarrohea

    Mixing ratio :

    For Prevention of early chick mortality:

    1 Grm in 2-3 Litre of water 6-7 days.

    For mild infections:

    1 Grm in 2 Litre of water for 6-7 days

    For outbreaks :

    3 Grm in 1 Litre of  water for 6-7 days

    Or as directed by the veterinarian

    Packing: 100 Gram & 250 Gram

  • Prices are Ex-factory Jharkhand

    Coxicare is very much suitable to prevent and control coccidiosis in Broilers, Layers and Breeders.

    Coccidiosis causes severe mortality, decreased  production, and increased medication and labour costs in poultry industry.

    Coccidiosis is mainly observed in rainy season especially at the time of onset of monsoon.

    Coxicare which effectively kills the coccidial organisms both of intestinal & caecal origin to restrict further

    Spread coxicare acts comprehensively and completely control all coccidian and

    intracellular developmental stages and all resistant strains.

    Composition :

    Amprolium Hydrochloride  200mg

    Vitamin K3 – 10mg


    For mild outbreaks

    30gm in 50 ltr

    For usual out breaks:

    30gm in 25 ltr

    For several outbreaks:

    60gm in 25 ltr

     Packing: 100 g pouches

  • Prices are Ex-factory Jharkhand

    Gout Nil  herbal combination of kidney stimulant and protectant herbs, immuno modulator and toxin binders keeps poultry and swine in safe and healthy state. Gout nil helpful in protecting from toxins and harmful substances, strengthen the kidney, helpful in management of renal impairment, improve bile secretion,supports normal  metabolism process, scavenge oxygen free radicals and helps in regulating body excretory system. Prevents Visceral and Articular Gout by Drastically Reducing The serum urate Concentration.Breaks and re-breaks The mineral stones to smaller particles formed in urinary tubules.Increase kidney flushing rate of all toxins by increasing GER Improves nephron’s cellular health and decrease kidney swelling in various disease conditions.Prevents accumulation of uric acid crystals in kidneys as well as body organs soft tissues and joints.

    Product Type : 450 ML - 5 LTR
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