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THERMACOOL brand products are patented high performance, solar IR heat reflecting exterior coating systems designed and developed by IIT-B. These coating systems are nano-tech based and have a high SRI value of upto 102 as per ASTM Standards and conform to BIS Standard IS 17218:2019.

How Does Thermacool Works?

Thermacool Coating works on dual mechanism of IR reflection and heat insulation. Majority of the solar heat from the sun is owing to the Infra Red (IR) radiation that forms over 50% of the sun light. Thermacool coatings reflect about 80-85 % of these IR radiation thus keeping the surface cooler. The insulation property of Thermacool then minimizes the residual heat from reaching the surface thus keeping the solar heat away via dual mechanism. The surface temperature gets lowered by upto 15°C-20°C depending on the intensity of solar heat thus lowering the inner ambient temperature by upto 4°C-8°C depending upon ventilation and structural design. For enclosures that use HVAC equipment, these solar heat reflective coatings help in reducing electricity consumption significantly by upto 25% – 40 %. In addition, the expansion and contraction of the substrate owing to thermal shocks is greatly reduced thus protecting the substrate from damages/cracks etc. and increasing the service life of the structure.


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